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How to create a color palette in Photoshop - using the mosaic filter

Update July 14th

I've uploaded my intro movie to Vimeo. You can watch it here. The password is


Update July 7th

I added the class project in the description table. I also made a video lesson outline

Lesson #1 Setting up your document (Screencast) about 5 minutes

  • You open up a new document
  • You will see what the specific measurements are,
  • so your color palette is perfect for pinning on Pinterest
  • You insert guidelines to make an easy, symmetrical layout

Lesson #2 Creating the rectangle shapes (Screencast) about 3 minutes

  • You create a large rectangle for placement of your photo
  • You convert that large rectangle into a smart object
  • You create rectangle shapes to use as color swatches
  • You save the document as a template for later usage

Lesson #3 Pick your colors from stained glass (Screencast) about 4 minutes

  • You open your photo, then click and drag it to your palette document
  • You make a copy of your photo onto a new layer
  • You apply the filter stained glass
  • You use the eye dropper to recolor the shapes-color swatches

Lesson #4 The finishing touch (screencast) about 3minutes

  • You hide the stained glass copy of the photo
  • You add text to the color swatches: your name (or your logo)
  • You save the document as jpg

Lesson #5 Bonus: portrait photo, rounded corners and circle swatches (screencast) about 5 minutes

  • You create a template document for upright photo (‘portrait’)
  • You add a rounded corner to your photo
  • You use round swatches instead of rectangles


Hi everyone,

I'm teaching a class that shows you how to quickly and easily make a color palette in Photoshop. Here I will learn how to use the mosaic filter, and the eye dropper to build a palette (in simple rectangles) from your own photograph.

Use the palette in branding for your website, blog or contest. Here is an example of a color palette I created from one of my photo's. Description of the class is below this photo.



We will:

* find a photo to use

* set up a (template) document using guide lines (and save it for later use)

* we take the measures in consideration for posting on social media

* create a duplicate of your photo to apply the filter to

* create rectangles

* use the eye dropper to fill the rectangles, from the mosaic style photo

* add your name and/or logo


* switch the swatches to the left or right hand side (vertical)

* save the colores in your swatches panel


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