How to choose and decorate your planner

How to choose and decorate your planner - student project

Hello everyone I'm still working on it! I've created the thumbnail but I'm not sure about it! Do you like it?

I'm thinking about the titles of the single lessons.

  • Choose the size of your planner
  • Setup your agenda
  • Planning and decorate a week
  • Decorating essentials
  • Stickers
  • Washi tapes
  • Coloured pens

This is the sheet about the single lessons (I'm still working on it!) (milestone 3) 

(milestone 4) Update! I've published my video presentation!

I made a big mistake :( unfortunately I made a stop-motion but I forget to set the right size T_T then I spend all the day trying to set final cut..and when I was just finished it crashed T_______T So I start again with the voice over and the all the settings argh!

I know the video s not perfect and my english too but I tried, I hope you'll like it anyway!

Tell me what you thing about ...