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How to become an American Expat in Australia

This time, I have decided to offer this course only through the Premium content section, because the class will be offered for $20 on Udemy and on my own site. I pretested the class concept on my Facebook page (with over 500 friends) and a dozen people said that they would enroll, so they will be my beta testers.

This course is significantly different to my crafting channel, but it seems very timely based on the current American political climate. I will also be publishing a follow-up course on how to assimilate, get a job, navigate the healthcare system and other entitlements, and how to make friends in Australia after I reach 25 students.

 I left my lucrative, 6 figure job to become an online teacher and will be publishing 1 class per week, primarily in the crafting field, so please stay tuned for more classes.

Here is the link to my class:

Please join! I would love to see your class too, so when you join, send me a quick email and I'll check out your class.


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