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How to be omnipresent

Well, we need to be in both places, we can't really decide not to go somewhere... or can we?

OK, why not? We could actually have a policy... we could be a difficult to see band. Fans would have to travel a lot to see us and we will be the legendary band that does not go everywhere but just does selected gigs around the world. It would be an honor and a privilege to see one of those concerts, wouldn't it?

Or we could decide that we just play in one place, so both festivals are welcome to meet us in this particular location, central, easy to reach...

But let's just suppose we need to do both gigs. Well, let's make the time difference work for us. We can use some other band's equipment, we are so good that we can have a concert with whatever instruments we have.

Or maybe we could play from the air. Let's say we play from an airplane or from a hellicopter... and never stop playing! We would cross the States playing and we will do both gigs from the air.

Maybe we could split the band and have the other part of the band play through virtual reality from the other coast.

What about doing something extreme? We could play from our hometown and send some clones to the different concerts.

What about turning the gigs into something different? We could have a special brunch concert in one of the festivals. An acoustic, really intimate concert, with time to talk to the fans. Then have a wild night concert in the other festival.

Or we could ask the fans to bring their instruments and play with the band! They could come and play our songs assisted by the band... We could even turn it into a competition and give away prizes such as spending one day with the band.

OK, there go my ten minutes. Really enjoyed this exercise!



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