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How to be a Berlin Hipster

Hey creatives!

I wanted to start my project with another idea but then I had no real motivation for it. After one week I resumed the class and worked on a new idea.. I wanted to include a bike and a record, so I decided to make a Guide for being a hipster in Berlin. Don't take it to seriously..

I started my first sketches and decided for this one.


It's a bit messy but you can see the essential things.                                                                       My next and the hardest step for me, was to use the pen tool in Photoshop. I had some basic shapes but the bike for example was quite difficult to work with.                                                                       I made the Ink marks and the Writing for my Record. In the end I did not use all of the elements and I made a second ink page.They really helped to make the illustration personal and look more professional.


I was not sure if I want to post my work on skillshare. But it's nice to get some feedback and the class really helped me so I want to share my process online. 

I am excited to see other classes like this!

My final outcome:



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