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How to Wear Flat Ankle Boots with Jeans

Over the last few years, ankle boots, or booties, have secured a place in the ‘must-have shoes’ list for women, and it is unlikely going away anytime soon. Because think about it, the very idea of slipping into a pair of heel-less (read: painless) shoes and throwing on your favorite jeans for a day out in town is, in its own right, a very snug thought. And if you stick with us, we’ll ensure you also have one of your most chic days while you’re at it.
Below is the Dos and Don’ts guide for the most impactful jeans-and-ankle-boots look you can ever create:

The black ripped jeans and buckled boots combo

Fugly fuzzy Ugg-style boots aren’t your only option with ankle boots! Black riding boots with accent buckles, when paired with skinny ripped back denim, make for the sharpest look. If you’re feeling sassier, keep the style monochromatic by adding variation via textures, like a leather biker jacket or a chunky heavy-knit cardigan.

The cropped jeans and statement boots combo

This is a marriage made in sartorial heaven okay? Like cropped jeans were literally made to accommodate boots that were too pretty to hide underneath (we’re looking at you, boot-cut jeans). Whether in pop-colors, metallic shades or embroidered—as made popular by ‘It Girls’—you want to show them beauties off with jeans that end short of your ankles.

The skinny jeans with cut out boots combo

Hello, slimming silhouette! The fastest way to look like a supermodel after the out-of-bed wavy hairstyle is a pair of super-skinny jeans that end in a pair of I-don’t-need-heels-coz-I’m-awesome cut out booties. Laidback, effortless and super duper effective. Wear with an anti-fit tank top or with a Boho silk dress (over the jeans) for added impact.

The culotte jeans with pointy boots combo

The primary idea of wearing flat boots is a comfort. And when you pair it up with large roomy culotte-style denim, the idea doubles in effectiveness. Fashion’s current favorite addition, the culotte jeans, is all the better styled with sock boots with a pointy tip that balances out the wideness of the jeans. 

The blue jean and brown boots combo

When in doubt, stick to classics. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to think up an outfit plan, or if you’re someone who shuns experimentation and likes to keep it safe, or if you’re simply confused, brown boots with classic denim are the way to go. Besides, it is versatile as hell! Throw on a camouflage jacket or work the denim on denim look and you only need a pair of classic brown boots to play them off. After all, why fix something that ain’t broke?

In conclusion

Now whether or not you’re a fashion enthusiast, a pair of jeans with comfortable boots topped off with a warm coat is something we’re going to see around for as long as winter’s still a season in the calendar. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a necessity. Experimenting with cuts, color and textures is key to creating a this-minute look around this classic style. Keep at it and you’ll do great. Or look forward to our next guide!


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