How to Use What's Worked Well in the Past for Present Challenges


Learn to create a Resilient habit of thinking by taking positive experiences from one area in your life & applying that information to another area that is causing you to be stuck or ineffective. The idea is to draw from what you already do well & transfer that successful thinking to a current situation that is stumping you. It’s one way to work with the inevitable good & bad disruptions you are experiencing.

Here is how it works.   You bring your thinking to consciousness by remembering skills & thoughts you already used during a high point in your life & applying those skills & thoughts to current disruptions. You can easily access your skills sets once you take the time to resurface something you accomplished that gave you pride, and you enjoyed doing.

 Think of a time you felt fully alive. You were doing something that totally engaged you. What was it? What were you doing? What was the positive outcome? Be as specific as you can when you jot down your story about this event. Define the skills you were using to make this achievement happen. Next, apply those skills successfully used in the past to something that is challenging you now. Any insights related to possible applications?

 Add a layer to your consciousness by posting your story and the skills you used along with your current disruption to the Project Gallery. See if others unearth skills you weren’t aware that you used AND – how they can be applied to your current disruption. When you do this activity alone, you are training yourself to be more curious about how you do things. When you do this activity with others, you are training yourself to see possibilities that weren’t obvious before. Why not do both?