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How to Start a Fight (Between Two Other People)

Hi internet friends! My name's Adam. ( @themightyadam, and themightyadam pretty much everywhere on the internet. )  I'm a little slow off the starting line but I'll be working on this whenever my kids let me have some free time. 

Without further ado, here are my three story springboards: 

1. If I can't be Ken, no one can! 

When I was pretty young, maybe 4, my big sister and I were best buddies. When she played Barbies, it was understood that I would be Ken.  But when her friends came over to play, I was just "that's my dumb brother." Forced to watch from the sidelines, I was pretty upset. So when the she and her friends went outside to play, I went into her room, opened the trunk with her extensive Barbie collection, and peed. On everything.

2. Portrait of a young entomologist.  

I'm a pretty big nerd for insects, and always have been. In 1st grade my friend and I found an anthill on the playground. After visiting it and poking it with a stick for several days, we thought it would be a great idea to save the sandwich bags from our lunch and take them home. What we didn't consider was how, once lunch was over, we'd have to keep bags of ants in our pockets through the rest fo the school day. And while we watched a film in class, one of them got out and stung me. 

3. How to Start a Fight (Between Two Other People)

My cousin and I spent a lot of time out in the yard and we discovered that cockleburs (nature's Velcro) make for good projectiles in a fight. For some dumb reason, we thought we'd bring some to school and throw them at other kids. I'm not entirely sure what the endgame was. It went better than expected when the two bullies in our grade got hit, and each assumed the other had thrown the thing. Fists fly while we watch and laugh. The principal, though, was apparently wise to us and we ended up scrubbing tables in the lunch room. 


I was kind of on the fence between 2 and 3, because both could make for some fun physical comedy, but I'm going to land on story #3. In my head it has more locations, more ups and downs in terms of pacing, and I think a fight might be fun (if challenging) to draw.  


OK I took a bigger break than I meant to, but let's get back to work!

I've got a couple more beats to thumbnail and then it's time to get to work on the boards proper. 

Update: Oops, I cropped this out of one of the pages:


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