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Katie Cannon

Commercial Artist and Illustrator



How to Self Publish a Coloring Book

This class will take you through the process of self publishing your first art book. 

Here is the outline for my class: 

Class Outline

 I have now created the opening graphic for my intro video and I wanted to share it. I am almost finished with the into . 


Here is my updated introduction. I took the advice from the some of the comments and added an about me section to the intro. 

the last video is about to be published. So excited to have finished this project. 2/9/16

Milestone 5: 2/10/16 My Class is now live 

Enrollment: 2/10/16 2:20PM EST I have 30 students signed up. :-)

2/11/16 9:55AM EST I now have 74 students enrolled in the class. 

Here is my first tweet: 


I have posted to 4 art business groups on Facebook and I will be posting the tweet at different times of the day using Hootsuite over the next few days. 

I now have 12 students in under 3 hours. 2/10/16

I now have 26 students in my class. 2/10/16

I have shared my class information to my blog: Blog Post Here

I have created a page on my blog where all of my classes will the posted: Class Page on Blog

I have created a free video on You-Tube to advertise my class. 

My class now has 74 students as of 2/11/16 10:00am 

2/11/16 2:00pm EST I posted a discussion on my class to help students to get their project started. I gave pointers on how to get their project started and what to post first. 

I now have 80 students. 

I am working on a couple of follow up classes for Marketing Your Self Published Book. 

The fist class that I am working on already is  Marketing with a Blog ( How to set up a blog for your book)

The Second class is marketing your book with Social Media


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