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How to Roast Veggies - Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Taste Bad

I've just started my first class draft and have landed on a topic for my very first video!

Currently working on wording the description...

"In this class I will teach you the basics of how to cook vegetables by roasting them in the oven. With a few simple ingredients you can make delicious food for a healthier lifestyle."

And the class project...

"It's time to use what you've learned! Pick your favorite vegetable (or a few vegetables), some olive oil and some seasonings and cook something delicious! Share a picture of what you created and let the class know what you used. You are only limited by your own creativity."


I've created a rough outline for my class, located here: My Class Outline

Any helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

**Update # 2**

For Milestone 4: Your Introduction Video

Please check out my video here: Sample Intro Video - Youtube


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