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How to Ride the Paris Metro

Ashley of Chasing Heartbeats and I have wanted to collaborate for awhile. She's a professional photographer in Berlin, and I'm a graphic designer based in Paris. During her last visit we decided to shoot some video on how to ride the Paris metro on a bit of a whim. That was a few months ago, and we didn't do anything with it. We both signed up for this class because of our growing interest in video (we both have experimented with the new video function in Photoshop 6, which we love). In any case, this class/assignment seemed like the perfect excuse to work together and actually make this video happen. The idea is that I'll also work on some graphics to include in our how-to, and hopefully capture some sounds from the metro as well.


Here is a rough outline based on the footage we already have. The challenge is to come up with really simple graphics/text that won't clutter the video portion. 


Ashley and I have gone through the shots and narrowed it down to our favorites. We haven't re-cut it yet, but it's feeling much closer to 30 seconds than before. You can see a visual storyboard of screen captures here. The text/images are more for concepting still, as we're still playing around with how it will be graphically stylized. I compiled a words + images Pinterest board for some visual inspiration. We really like this treatment, +/or the font Blanch. The metro tickets in the final will likely be scanned overlays. And we're playing with the idea of using actual music recorded on the metro (French, accordion-eque) where you can even hear a bit of the background noise of doors closing and the rails.


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