How to Plan Your Essay to Perfection - Guide 2022

How to Plan Your Essay to Perfection - Guide 2022 - student project

Academic essays are held together by their specific essay structure. It allows the reader to identify various parts of the essay and helps them understand it better.  An ill-planned essay is not elegant in its outlook, information organization, as well as logical output. Most of the essay blunders in structure and planning come about when the essay writer goes from researching the topic directly to writing the essay. All the hours spent on researching goes to waste this way as it leaves the structure on a weak footing to hold the content of the research.

Planning and structuring the essay allows you to order your ideas and arguments so that they support the main argument in the best possible way. With it, the reader will have a sound sense of direction in the flow of information and arguments in the essay. 

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Step 1: Break down the prompt

The first step in essay writing is understanding the prompt using any essay writing service. Separate attention should be given to this part, misconstruing the prompt will lead to getting the whole essay wrong. 

In order to make the task easier for you, you should break the prompt down to its constituents. Upon doing this, you should make it clear to yourself what the question is asking you. Is it asking you to discuss, analyze, compare, or describe? You can also check What the argument is about, why the topic is important, and how you should approach it.

It’s also useful to rephrase the prompt for a better understanding.


Step 2:Mind Map and find your stance

You should pour down all that you know about the topic in the form of Mind Maps or using some other brainstorming technique or a combination of many.

The mind map should be extensive and must contain a spatial representation of every thought related to the topic or the central argument. The mind map has various benefits, from helping you measure your knowledge about the subject, making you recognize the main points of your essay, resurfacing relationships between various items, to producing a rough outline for the essay.


Step 3: Research well

The mind map will demonstrate for you the gaps in your knowledge. You will focus on these specific gaps and try to fill them up first. You should keep a record of the information taken from other sources--these can be ideas, structure, or quotes. Software and tools are available nowadays that will make this task easier for you.

You should not just go through the information during the research process, but be interactive with the information, questioning it, expanding upon it, and noting down important points. 

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Step 4: Group ideas that are related

Once the information is gathered, including the ideas and the evidence, it is now time to organize them. This is done by grouping alike ideas and information together. This can be according to the arguments, or it can be also according to the type of information, such as evidence for and evidence against, arguments and counterarguments, etc

This can be also done through min mapping and listing techniques.


Steps 5:Arrange points in a logical order.

In the end, you will have to arrange the points in accordance with the logic that you want to infuse into the essay. You might decide to start from the example first or start from the arguments— objective or subjective. Whichever way you want to organize your ideas, you should connect one idea to the next and create a logical flow that will best explain your point and best communicate your argument.

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