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How to Pack Light and Travel Happy


How to Pack Light and Travel Happy

Learn to pack light for your next trip -- in just 15 minutes -- with travel blogger and professional nomad Diana Southern. In this FREE class, you'll discover:

  • essential packing strategies and helpful tools for fitting everything you need in one carry-on bag -- for short and long travel periods
  • the plethora of benefits that await you as a new carry-on traveler
  • sample packing lists for successful carry-on travelers

By the end of this class, you'll be fully prepped to pack light and smart for your next trip!


Customize Your Camera: DIY Scarf Camera Strap (ENROLL FOR FREE!)

Just published my class! Enroll for free here!

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Glam up your camera with a stylish new camera strap. Use your favorite scarf or silky fabric to create a strap that suits your camera and personal style!

Keep it easy and sew by hand, or sew by machine -- you decide!


PROJECT: Your Camera Strap

Use the skills taught in the video lessons to create a custom wrist or neck strap for your camera!



  • Share photos and notes throughout your process in your Class Project.
  • Upload a photo of your finished creation in your Class Project to share with your classmates.

Project Guide (to upload as PDF)

Getting Started
Choose between a wrist or neck strap. Start your Class Project and share your strap selection (wrist or neck) with the class. Tell us what type of camera your strap will be for (point and shoot, D-SLR, etc.).


Video lesson outline

Note: I ended up breaking this down into more videos than I had in my outline. I think it works better to have the videos shorter.


Link to my final published class -- Enroll for free here


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