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Lori Friedman

Because Life is More Beautiful With Flowers



How to Make a Bountiful Arrangement with Grocery Store Flowers

Look at this beautiful arrangement.  Does it look like something you picked up at the grocery store? Probably not….But it was made all from items purchased from the grocery store...and it even cost less than $25.00!


Lori Friedman, floral educator of Flowers For The People, shows you how to make a bountiful floral arrangement regardless of your budget.


In this 30 minute class, you will learn how to turn drab grocery store flowers into lush garden arrangements without breaking the bank.  The use of color, flower shapes, floral placement and containers will be presented. You will also be introduced on how to use a variety of grocery store produce to enhance your arrangements, and be given a basic flower recipe.  


The class is set-up into seven short videos.  The first video presents overall concepts used to create this lush arrangement.  The remaining videos will give you a demonstration for each step needed to build this bountiful arrangement.

This class is perfect for anyone who loves flowers. No prior knowledge or experience required!

By the end, you’ll have everything you need to create your own lush, bountiful arrangement.  Let's make something beautiful together!

Class Outline


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