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How to Make Perfect Lucky Stars of Different Size and Color Easily - Craft Something Amazing Today

Hi, I have published my first course in SkillShare on How to Make Perfect Lucky Stars. Within an hour I have received a good response for the course. Am happy and excited as I teach my first course. I am an active learner but this is my first class as a teacher. 

Being Crafty is not just a's a way of life. Do something creative everyday and today begin with this simple origami lucky star. I have given a simple step by step instructions so that  even your children can easy follow me and create a beautiful star in a time of 5 minutes. 

At the end of this class, you will learn

  • How to make lucky stars of different sizes?
  • How to make lucky stars of different shade?
  • How to avoid messing up of stars while folding?
  • How to perfectly form a shape- Do's and Don't while doing a star!
  • Where to use this star? - A perfect place to show your creativity!

Here is my class link:

Im very excited to know your feedback on my first class. 

If you create one such star watching me class and upload the same I will definitely be the happiest person as a newbie. 


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