How to Get Across Your Achievements

In this Class Project Assignment, take the time to Reflect, Recall, & Record your successes using some type of personalized FORMAT to tell the stories of your achievements & accomplishments. Decide if your style is more of a formal & structured approach, or more of a free-form design.

In whatever approach you decide, be sure & number your stories. Attempt at least 10 – 15, or as many as you can unearth. AND – give each story a title that makes sense to you & helps trigger your memory when needed.

If using a more structured design, set it up using the following format:

Achievement # - brainstorm with yourself to come up with 10 or more successes

Title: something you will relate to this success

   Situation: set the scene including back story if needed

   Torpedoes: any challenges that could prevent a successful outcome

   Action: outline the specifics you did & who & how others were involved

   Results: the outcome of what you did

   Skillsets: any job content or SOFT skills you used

 Notes Unique to this achievement: jot down anything that you want to remember about this accomplishment

If you prefer to use a more free-form approach – simply tell your story writing a narrative of what happened. You don’t need to be concerned about spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Simply organize your thoughts so that you cover all the S.T.A.R.S. points in some way.