How to Find Your Photographic Identity as a Commercial Photographer

For this class' project, I'd like you to take a step back and consider what types of images you like to create the most, and what types of images you've gotten the most attention and best feedback on.

Once you've identified what you like to shoot the most, and where your skills have been recognized, post three images to the class project along with a short explanation on 1) why you like to take these types of pictures? and 2) why you think these images demonstrate your skills as a photographer? 

For example, I like to shoot fashion because I enjoy working with people and using props (clothing/accessories) to express an idea. I think I'm good at shooting at fashion because of my ability to position someone's body, dress them, and also pay attention to the details of the outfit/accessories. 

In addition to this project, think about what types of magazines or fashion/accessories brands your work would be appropriate for, and try creating an image featuring an item that would appeal to one of those clients. Post these images into the project as well and be sure to include who your target client was!


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