Rebekah Lynn Osorio

Painter & Illustrator



How to Draw Beautiful, Realistic Eyes


My Project Video Outline

In this class, you will gain the knowledge, the tools and the skills needed to draw beautiful, pop off the page, OMG eyes.

Many people think that creating realistic drawings is something that only "special" people can do. But the truth is, these drawing skills can be broken down into accessible techniques and approaches that can be learned and mastered by anyone with a passion to draw who is willing to practice.

I will walk you through step by step instructions that are easy to follow.  You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the tools, techniques and approaches that make all the difference in your finished work!

When you complete this class, you will walk away with more than a beautiful drawing you’ll want to share with everyone, you’ll have a new sense of empowerment, not just about drawing eyes, but about your art in general. I can't wait to show you all I have learned. Come join me!

Who this class is for:  This class is for anyone who likes to draw, loves to draw eyes and wants to take their ability up a notch or twelve!  You don’t need to have taken any prior classes in drawing. If you doodle and sketch, that’ll do.



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