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Felipe Simões

Graphic Designer and Interior Designer.



How to Do Awesome Furniture Design With the iPad.

Hello everyone! 

In this class I'll teach you how to do some awesome furniture design just with the IPad.

Let's start with collecting infos about your project by asking/answer this 5 questions:

Who is gonna use? 
Where's (living room, bedroom etc) the chair that I'm designing is going to be used ? 
What colors is the right for this, how do i pic a color?
What kind of sensations i want to share to the people with this?
What kind of functions is good (needed) to put on my chair? 

The four (simple) views to draw you chair:

Upper view 
Front view
Side view
Perspective view

Ergonomy, colors and material used on the project:

The base height, width and depth measures.
Two basic chromatic rules and how to choose easily a color.
Pic the right fabric and some materials.

After all this we are ready to finish our chair and see what we create.


To my outline class click here!

Hope you enjoy. See ya, bye bye.


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