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How to Broadcast to Facebook Live Video to Promote Your Business

Are you using Facebook video to promote your business or class ?

Your audience visit Facebook every day and there is nothing which attracts attention like video.

Viewers see your name and video in their feed , they are drawn to watch and like it and that in turn attracts their friends

You are building an audience !!

You can now broadcast to Facebook Live from your desktop with up to FOUR people on screen and reach new audiences

This class takes you step by step , suggests the service to use , goes through sign up , channel creation and going live on Facebook.

Going live on Facebook gives you access not only to your contacts but your contacts contacts and you can build a reputation for sharing your skills and expertise.

You can become a pioneer in the video chat field , make new contacts , strengthen existing ties and share your message live on video.

By the end of the course you will have gained the knowledge to go on Facebook live with quality video and sound.

Live video chat is exciting and fun , it is also a great way to create content

Now Live !!

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Thank you to everyone who has enrolled in the course - you rock !!

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