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How to Add a Trip on TripIt

I will explore how a trip is created on the travel support website TripIt!

1. Type into web browser

2. Domain Name Server (DNS) translates the name into an IP address and searches for the address in its database and cache.

3. The request is routed to the appropriate server (in this case 

4. The server resonds back to the client with the information in data packets

5. The client broswer uses CSS/HTML/JavaScript to translate the packets into the data, text, images, etc. that make up the TripIt homepage.

6. I enter my username and password

7. The information is queried in the appropriate back-end database using SQL

8. If the username and password match, the site grants me access to my account.

9. I click on "Add a Trip"

10. The site directs me to the "Add a Trip" page, which is delivered in packets

11.  I enter the appropriate information into the required fields and click "Create a Trip"

12. The information is queried in the back-end database using SQL

13. The trip is saved to my account!


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