How this course helped me in blogging.

I started making Structures of my blogs after Watching this Course.

My first goal was on digital marketing, and here is my random structure of the article, just to get started: 

What is Digital Marketing? Why should we use it?


1 Intro

Digital Marketing is any marketing Endeavour that encompasses an electronic device and internet.


As More and More internet Users are increasing daily. The Significance of digital marketing is increasing simultaneously.

According to Pew Research 81% of American Adults use Internet on a Daily Basis, and 28% of them are constantly “Almost Online”. As the World is advancing towards the fourth industrial revolution,


Digital marketing is used to connect businesses with their current and potential (Prospective) Customers

On a large-scale, Faster, Cheaper, and more effectively.


2 Meaning Of Digital Marketing

3 Importance of Digital Marketing

4 Why Digital marketing

5 What is digitalization?

6 Effectiveness of Digitalization?

7 History of Digital Marketing?

8 Concept of digital marketing?

9 Who should Use digital Marketing?

10 Why should we use digital marketing?

11 Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing

12 Case Studies, Success stories of Digital marketing

13 Potential of Digital Marketing

14 Development of digital marketing?

15 Outro (Conclusion)