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Lies Van Winkel

Illustrations and smiles



How the brain learns


By day I am a student counselor in higher education, by night I'm a illustrator :-). My day job inspired me to choose a theme, namely how the brain works when memorizing. I want to educate my students through a scientifical correct illustration and include tips for studying. 

Step 1: Draw to learn

I had difficulties drawing the brain realistic... It seems i keep falling back on my more 'cartoony' style.

Step 2: Sketch to step away from reality

Always my favorite part of the sketching.

I need to watch over the fact that it doesn't turn into a infographic because in this course the focus is mainly on the illustration, I figure...

Step 3: Share your final drawing

I'm a 100%-vector girl but i have to say i enjoyed drawing the whole thing in pencil (still my all-time favourite instrument). Here you see the final drawing I scanned in to work on in Photoshop.

I wanted the abbreviations to be in a font of brainstructure, but i'm not satisfied... Think I need to follow a Skillshare-class about it :-). 

Step 4: Create color studies

Once in Photoshop (I always work in Illustrator) I made some color studies. Difficult, frustrating process but after a couple of hours i ended with the choice i always make: less is more.

in the first study i also coloured the linework but i don't like it... it seems to 'messy'... (maybe that's my vector-loving side i need to let go more often). Final color palette: 

I finalised my illustration!! Hope you all like it and understand what i'm trying to explain? 
I need to confess I didn't applied structure... i couldn't see where it could fit in. 

Still, I'm pleased with the result: I tried new stuff (keeping the original pencil drawing + color it in Photoshop) but with respect to my own style (simple drawings and use of color).

adapted the size of the fonts and rearranged some things (tip from Christine):


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