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How much tv am I watching?

I have a habit of turning on the tv as soon as I walk in the door. I turn it on as background noise, I turn it on and hope my favorite shows will be in reruns, I turn it on the help me fall asleep...whenever! I will be keeping track of several categories of data, and I'll choose later which I find most interesting to share. :) I'll keep track of:

-Number of shows watched, if even for just a few minutes
-Minutes spent watching tv
-What network the show was on
-What category the show falls into (ex. reality, crime drama, comedy)

i'm curious to see how this data plays out, and what it says about me and my habits.


I'm finding it hard to decide which stats to use, and how to visualize them. Here is the data I have in the simplest form. Any feedback would be very helpful! :) 


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