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How many movies have I watched in my life?

Day 1:

Hello all!!

If there's one thing I am passionate about in life, it's movies and so I decided that for my first infographics project, I am going to depict how many films I have watched for as far as I can remember and illustrate the change in style and which actors or directors I got stuck on the most.

I'm still brainstorming about how the project is gonna look and I'm still figuring out the details. This is my first day on the class.

Let me know what you think and any advice is greatly appreciated!

Day 2:

Ok, so I've spent the last week, during my free time at work, going through lists of movies that came out every year and writing them down in an excel sheet.

Now, the way I did it was that I divided them up by year of release, but of course, since the list goes from 2013 to 1940, needless to say that they're not divided by year of when I saw the movie, I could never remember that

So I've seen in total 871 movies in my life, and the numbers per year of release vary a lot!

I'm gonna start sketching up and dividing them accoding to genre or something else maybe I don't know

Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Sketches to come

Day 3:

I've started sketching and dividing the information of my sketch book. I've done some preliminary sketches but I'm sure everything is gonna change at the last minute, it always does :)

Here are some of my notebook pages

Day 4:

I've started playing around on Illustrator, doing some bar charts and pie charts from the data I've compiled. Long story short, here is my first draft :) Please let me know what you think in general and how I  can make it better. I'm still gonna fix a lot of stuff in it.

Day 5:

Final version:


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