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How far did we walk?

Final infographic-

I removed the labels from my sketch version and pulled the icons to the margin.


I'm using the iphone app, Endomondo, to track the walks that i take through my Chicago neighborhood. The free version of this app is tracking my: route on map, distance in miles, average speed, top speed, calories burned. It also notes the weather that day. Some of the walks involved an errand that needed to be accomplished. Some were for exercise only.

Here is the raw data:

day 1-

distance: 1.83 miles

time: 46 min

average speed: 2.4 mph

destination: Tastee Freeze

weather: partly sunny

day 2-

distance: 4 miles

time: 1hr 17min

average speed: 2.8 mph

destination: Humboldt Park

weather: partly sunny

day 3-

distance: 3.14 miles

time: 1hr 20min

average speed: 2.4 mph

destination: Humboldt Park & Palmer Square

day 4-

distance: 3.4 miles

time: 1hr 4min

average speed: 3.2 mph

destination: Bank, Post Office, Logan Blvd


Here is my sketch. I've decided to just show: time spent walking, distance walked and calories burned.


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