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How does my garden grow?

I recently bought a house and was able to fulfill my dream of having a backyard to shape however my heart desires. Right now I have a mix of garden beds, mulch, dying grass, random things I've planted and interesting weeds. 

I'd like to track the progress of the yard - I think the first step is to map it out:

- Create a yard map: Size, deck area, raised bed area, tree location, basic map stuff.

Then once I have a baseline I can measure for changes:

- shrub/tree height change
- shrub/tree width change
- height of vines on lattices
- size of fruit/yumminess (if applicable)

I think as this goes on I might focus on a few plants/areas of the yard that are showing the biggest change.

One thing I think is neat is that this project is replicable - I can track progress for a week, let it go for a few months, and then come back and track for another week. Then, I'll have a record of my backyard progress.

[Previously this project was on how much I move...but I began thinking that was boring + realized that it would require lots of little notes throughout the day that I am prone to forget]


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