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How do you know?

How do you know?

God could be real. Science for sure disagrees. I doubt you’ll find too many scientists who are religious. Religions and Science have been enemies for many years. Setting the stage for trillions of hours of human arguments. Lives have been lost because of disagreements upon the truth. But guess who created Science? That’s right it’s the big man upstairs himself. An elaborate ruse that goes deep down the rabbit hole which he himself created as well.

Just like he tried to cover up Watergate he is trying to cover up his own god damn existence. He fucked up and let the cat out of the bag. Folks got word about the almighty and really screwed everything up. They started writing this shit down in books. Bet he’s pretty pissed he created those books in the first place. Luckily he figured out how to get those pesky curious humans off his back. Give them a little false confidence.

Yes, my creation you are very smart. Keep studying these laws of physics and shit I am creating on the fly. Here, check this space shit out. Maybe some of this shit banged around and just exploded or something. Yeah, that’s where you came from..
Space and shit..

If you haven’t noticed he’s going a little too far with this. He invented this global warming science thing. Is that a scare tactic? I don’t know if this guy has a plan or what. He’s probably just getting a little bit bored. Maybe it’s just his 9–5 to control life and everything. Probably reaching retirement and starting to not really give a shit anymore?

This does beg the question where did this God guy come from though? Is there a whole world out there of gods, all controlling there own shit.

Those motherfuckers were for sure created from space and shit though.


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