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How do I spend my day?

I've decide to focus on how I spend my day.  Most of the time, my days seem quite mundane: I go to work, run errands and come home.  But I never really focus on how I spend my time and what I'm doing except going and going. 

Using my Notebook and the OpenPaths/Moves App, I'm going to record my day in so far as how much I travel, my moves, my places and how much time I spend in any given area/place. 

Some of the data points I'm hoping to capture:

  • Amount of steps taken
  • Amount of time I spend in specific areas
  • The places I go within a given day
  • What I'm doing when I'm in specific spaces (writing emails at home, meetings at work, etc.)
  • Activity levels and how active I really am vs. what I think.
  • Any other data points that seem interesting to me during the course of this time.

I've added this sketch as a very rough idea of what I'm thinking.  I did a timeline-based sketch based on the hours in the day that I was active (9am-11:30pm).  Once I actually create the inforgraphic, I will definitely be using more supplemental information to flesh out more information.  What I'm thinking now is this is more of an overview of how my day was really spent.

(Please excuse the poor drawing skills)


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