How can E-180 make everyone a lifelong teacher?

How can E-180 make everyone a lifelong teacher? - student project

Product name: E-180

Describe your product:

E-180 is a matchmaking website connecting like-minded members to share knowledge over a coffee. This is what we call micro-mentoring. We see ourselves as the CouchSurfing of education, since no money is exchanged when a meeting takes place.

Publicly launched in November 2012, the E-180 platform for individuals currently hosts more than 1850 members and has seen over to 400 knowledge-sharing meetings. Backed by this experience, the E-180 team is now offering the possibility to create exclusive twinning environments where groups (businesses, events, spaces...) can promote the exchange of knowledge within a small group of users.

How does it work?

Users create a profile and indicate their Offers and Requests of knowledge according to pre-established categories. Everyone can then browse the site to find members to meet their needs in terms of learning or knowledge they have to share. E-180’s recommendation algorithm is also responsible for connecting those with similar interests to get in touch.

Once the right person is found, the member sends a message using the E-180 message system, indicating their preferences in terms of timeslots for a meeting. Once both sides agree on a time and place, they are able to meet for approximately one hour to share their knowledge. They can then evaluate the meeting publicly (visible to all members) or privately (visible only to E-180).

The Map

a. Knowledge "Offerers"

b. Knowledge "Requesters"

c. Entreprises/Conferences

2. List out any selfish reasons why each player would need their contacts/friends to join the service

a.      Knowledge offerers:

  • Want to be recognized as knowledgeable by their peers, prospect clients, employers.
  • To get some vetting

b.     Knowledge requester

  • To get vetting to convince another member to meet-up with him/her
  • To get more points to exchange against a meeting