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How 'bout the weather?!

It's kind of cliche how we all go "how 'bout this weather, eh?!" in my city. Let me explain: we're not very talkative with strangers around here, so in order to fill in the awkward silent voids during elevators rides, repetitive eye contacts at the bus stop, etc, we tend to go for the weather topic. 

This week we've been hit with a massive cold front (i believe that's how it's called in english), the biggest of the past several years, and after forty years, it finally snowed again. YAY! But, wait! There's more! By the end of the day, the barely there snow had melted, the sun was shinning and the sky was a gorgeous mix of baby blue and pink-ish-orange hues. 

Now imagine the possibilities regarding conversational topics! Ha! It was such a big deal, I had no other option but to choose this as my theme. I took notes about the all the chit-chatting that took place in the (not so) frozen city. 

I made notes regarding the number of sms, whatsapp mesages, facebook inboxes, pictures sent to me and how many times people spoke to me about it. 

I wrote them on my iphone notepad and on my real paper notepad (yeah, I'm a notepad kinda girl). I still have to get them all in one place, when I do, I'll post them here.


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