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Angie Vourtsi

painter, illustrator and watercolor addict..



How a new mom spends 24hrs around the clock!

This class was very inspiring and i hope i can use some of the information in order to make a simple , (a bit exaggerating)  yet funny infographic. 

Initially i have searched the internet in order to find an article that would inspire me enough to make an infographic.. But from the start i knew what was ticking inside my head.. 

So i finally thought of making my own infographic with information and statistics of my own experience!

Till the time you experience it yourself, you can only imagine how full is a day of a new mom, taking care of the baby's needs.... Thank God this infographic  sheds light to this ..."mystery"of how a small baby can take over almost all your time ! 

Step one - writing the statistic

In 24hrs of a new mom you have to :

-feed the baby maybe both bottle and breast feeding

-play with the baby, make hugs and funny faces 

-change diapers many many times 

-bath the baby 

-put the baby for sleep

-and try to get some sleep for yourself

Step two- Dividing the hours of the day , depending on my own experience

Step three- Finding the perfect clip art for the project

Of course i used the noun project

Step four -Finding a colour pallet that would match the project

Always when i search for colour pallets i choose to start with a search in Pinterest and so i did this time .

and i came with this very interesting set of colours:


I came to collect all the icons and  transform , colour and resize  them in order to match to my idea...

and i came with this :


So far happy with the outcome, because  i really enjoyed making  it .

I could use some guidance for the texts. Would it be better if it did not touch the icons? ..or maybe other ideas? i would love to hear your opinion and of course the Teacher's approach!! 


My new approach , with icons free of text and smaller fonts ... I think is much better given the visual information with this changes, thank you teacher-Jane for your advise.



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