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Carmen Rojas

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How We Can Stop Trying To Change The World And Start Doing It.

One Solution Can Change The World

I found this class after undergoing a bit of an internal revolution. I have been in the business marketing world for more than a decade and the glamour of it all has definately started to fade. After reading a few books such as "The Alchemist" and discovering Simon Sinek's Ted Talk I have begun to rediscover my "why" and my personal journey. In my journey towards my goal I was delighted to find this course and have created this video to help share my personal journey with the rest of the world.

I believe that entrepreneurs can change the world. It is my mission to help them change the world by providing them with information, advice, and insight so that they can create sustainable businesses. 

I followed Simon's advice in creating this video and this is probably the 4th or 5th "version" of my talk. I went through at least 2 white board markers in coming up with the outline and transitions between points in the talk. I honestly found the transitions between the points to be "trickier" than the points themselves. 

I filmed several takes in one afternoon and I do hope it is enjoyed. 

About One Solution....

One solution is a new mission I am undertaking to help entrepreneurs get the information, connections, and experiences they need to acieve their goals. I started this because I realized that I don't have all the answers, but I believe that we do. The trouble we run into is the lack of a plan and strategy to get from problem to solution. 

One Solution helps entrepreneurs to learn to reverse engineer problems from there complex to most simple states. In so doing, we often find that the solution works well for a small group but not the bigger group. But rather than abandon the idea we move forward and scale the idea up. 

Most of the world is not trying to solve everyone's problems. Most of us want to solve our own problems and the problems of those we care about. We want better schools for our children, safer communities, healthier families, and more enjoyment in our lives. We all want to see the world be better for all, but most will not do the work it takes to build a solution for all. But they will build a solution for one. One solution believes that if we can do this for enough people then we can in effect, change the world. 




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