How To Use Pixlr Express To Resize Photos If You Don't Have Adobe Photoshop

How To Use Pixlr Express To Resize Photos If You Don't Have Adobe Photoshop - student project

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Most people know about Photoshop and maybe even GIMP to edit photos, but what if you don't have either of those, or don't feel comfortable using them? What if you just need to quickly re-size a photo? 

Perhaps you need the photo to be larger for a project you're doing, or maybe you need the photo to be a specific size for something like a passport photo and you don't want to try your luck with one of those fly by night photo services. 

Well, Pixlr Express is an online browser based tool that can help you re-size and edit your photos as needed with a very small learning curve. In this class I will show you how to get started with it, and use it to re-size a photo.

***  Class Project ***

One of the main examples I used in this class for needing to re-size a photo, was to create your own Passport photo to be printed at your convenience. This saves you from having to be at the mercy of the passport photographer who may or may not let you end up with a good picture. 

I want you to choose a photo of yourself that as much as possible meets your own local passport requirements, but is a bit too big. 

Then, go to Pixlr express and upload the image for editing.

From there, I want you to re-size your image so that it becomes the proper size.

Once you're done with that, save the file locally to your computer, and upload a re-sized proof inside this class if you wish. 

If you don't wish to upload some kind of photo proof, that's OK, but in that case, I want you to reply in a comment about the steps that you took, any problems you had, what you learned in this short class and how it might help you with other aspects of your life or business.

After you have the photograph saved to the size you would like, you can use a third party service of your choice to print high quality passport photos for quite a cheap price, and always have some on hand. 


The provided milestone outline was not working for me, so I just used my own which I did not link, but I am almost done with my videos and will be publishing my class soon. 

Here is the link to my intro video on youtube:

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