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How To Remove People and Objects From Photographs In Photoshop

Guiding You Through Removing Unwanted Objects From A Photograph.

Removing unwanted items from an image is one of the most common uses of Photoshop. This class was designed to outline the steps to achieve.

Step 1 - Make your selection

Pick the Lasso tool and make a very rough selection around the area to delete. Try not to go too close to the edges. You will need a bit of information around the area for it to work.

Step 2 - Make the fill

With the selection made, go to the Edit menu and click on Fill. On the Contents Use drop-down menu, make sure that.Content-Aware is the selected option and then click OK.

Step 3 – Touch-up

Any imperfections are easy to fix. Use the Clone tool to brush over imperfections as if what you removed never existed.

Milestone 3

Outline of the videos:

Here is the link to the outline of my videos.

Milestone 4:

Sample video

A sample of my class can be found here.


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