How To Paint a Watercolor Galaxy Border

How To Paint a Watercolor Galaxy Border - student project

How To Paint a Watercolor Galaxy Border - image 1 - student project

Updated 1/29/19 - I published my class!  Here's the link:

Updated 1/27/19 with a new, more professional looking cover image


Class Description:

Space is pretty neat, right?  It's beautiful too. Want to paint something totally out of this world?  If so, you are in the right place.

In this class we're going to walk through the basics of how to paint a watercolor galaxy by creating a galactic border.  If you've ever wanted to paint a galaxy, this is a great, non-intimidating place to start.  This project can definitely be completed in under an hour and it's great for beginners.  It's all about experimenting with your paints and observing their behavior.

We will walk through some basic watercolor supplies and techniques and I'll share some of my own personal tips and tricks.  When you are done, use this border to showcase your favorite celestial quote, to make a galactic greeting card or use as stationary to send an out-of-this-world letter to someone. 

So, join me to make some science-based art!


How To Paint a Watercolor Galaxy Border - image 2 - student project

Here is my project outline.


I did a second take on my Introduction video after watching the Jen Dixon video that Lisa Goza mentioned - so much better!



(This is the first introduction video for comparison)


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