How To Make A Zine

How To Make A Zine

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Zines are a fantastic means of self-expression! Go analog in a digital world.

By the end of this class you will have created a small self-published work about something that fascinates you.


All ages welcome although younger folks might need a "co-publisher" to help them.

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  • Letter or Legal Sized Paper
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Paint or ink
  • Photos, drawings or found images
  • Personal writings, poems, quotes or other text
  • Stamps or other mark making objects
  • Magazine images, newspaper pages or other ephemera

STEP 1: What’s A Zine?

Zine Definitions

Zine Topics

Analog v. digital

STEP 2: Project Demonstration


Gather and create materials. Write essays or poems. Take pictures. Make stamps. Draw. Paint. Collage. Gather ephemera. Share information about a favorite topic. Whatever.


Prep zine design with page numbers. Prep layout for each page. Pay attention to what pages will be facing each other in the final product.

Hint: Don’t use ink directly on the design since it could bleed through to the other side. Instead prep the paint or ink design on a separate sheet of paper first, let it dry, and affix later.


Use glue stick or double sided tape to affix items onto design according to the layout.

Layout and Binding usually occur at the same time.


Scan pages to computer. Print double sided. Staple with long handle stapler or sew binding.

STEP 3: Share

Mail your zine to family and friends. Share with a co-worker. Create an etsy page. Look for local zine fests and other zine events.


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