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How To Get Comfortable Making Online Videos

About This Class-Beginner Level

You don't need to have expensive equpiment to make great online videos!

In this class you will learn all of the basics of how to make a video for your business or brand without having to spend a dime on fancy equipment or software. This all-you-need-to-know class gives you the skillset to start making great online videos without any experience. If you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or just somebody looking to do video blogging, this class will help you get started.  You will learn

  • Tools: What you need and how to use them including your camera, lighting, and editing software. (Hint: You already have all of it)
  • Content: What you should be talking about and how you can share your message
  • Shooting: What is the process like for actually creating a video? What is the order?
  • Intangibles: What should you focus on to make a great video!


This 90 minute class will cover everything you need to get started, or get better. Each of the four sections will include a discussion about the topic, an exercise to prepare you to make videos immediately following class, and a Q and A time to make sure you feel comfortable with what you've learned! All attendees will receive a take-home PDF guide which covers everything disucssed in class as well as additional subjects not covered in class.


About Richard Boehmcke

Richard Boehmcke is a writer, director, and prize winning video creator who has created videos for the travel, digital, book publishing industries and many more. He has worked for years as an international speaker and corporate trainer teaching others how to use social media. He believes you don’t need expensive equipment to make awesome videos. He lives in Queens with one stuffed pug and one cardboard pug.


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