Leon Kwan

Live Everyday with A Purpose Of Learning Something



How To Create A Great Photo Using Free Photo Editing Apps

- Find infos about free photo editing apps.

- Create tutorial Videos

- Post it to skillshare as class (http://skl.sh/2aC9PPw)

** My Milestones **

- Start my class draft - DONE

- Start my class project in Teach an Amazing Skillshare Class and share my class topic and class project. - DONE

- My Outline Doc = https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EPOZe9ZYCZfx_sFUR713OlpFg9EwmRHnoH7hTSsjAJI/edit?usp=sharing

- Upload my intro video to youtube - DONE = https://youtu.be/4ET9nFawPnE

- Publish My Class - DONE Here's my skillshare class link = http://skl.sh/2aC9PPw

- Share my marketing tactic on the Project Gallery of Class Marketing: Build Your Student Following on Skillshare - DONE


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