How To Cook Quick & Easy Pork Potato Curry

How To Cook Quick & Easy Pork Potato Curry - student project

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How To Cook Quick & Easy Pork Potato Curry

Pork potato curry may sound like a complicated and time consuming dish. Well, for spicy food lover, there is a method to cook it quickly and easily. And I will show you the way in my cooking class.

Project title and description

What's Your Favorite Curry Combo?

With many types of curry meat vegetable types, what’s your favorite? This class is showing on curry with pork and potato. There are other combo such as mutton potato curry, chicken mix vegetable curry, etc.

Tell us your favorite choice. Please share in the project gallery.

After that, feel free to try making this dish following my pork potato curry combo or your type of meat vegetable choice. Do post your photo and show us your dish.


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