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How To Cook Chinese Stir Fry Mix Vegetables?

Stir-frying is a basic cooking formula for bringing vegetables and proteins to life. Learn how to stir fry mix vegetables cooked in Chinese style, which is simply nutritious and delicious. In my class video, I will be cooking it as a vegetarian dish.

It is also very versatile as you can easily mix and match different vegetables to make it into different dishes on different days, or add in meat for non-vegetarian. You can try with bell peppers, broccoli, mini corns, shiitake mushrooms, meats, prawns etc. Just cut them all up into bite size. The cooking technique is the same which you can watch from my class. The seasoning is the standard oyster sauce (or mushroom sauce for vegetarian), salt (optional) and cornflour mixed with water (optional if want to thicken the sauce).

Join my class and I'll show you how to cook this simple dish.  It is easy and suitable for beginner level. Watch and learn the technique of cutting, blanching, deep frying, stir frying, etc. from here -

Try it out, and feel free to share your experience and photos here. Enjoy cooking!


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