Jack Foreman




How To Conquer Fear: A work of ART

The Unknown creates opportunity, and sometimes inspiration. I recently left my art teaching job which I loved to move back to South Florida to support my wife who'd found a fantastic career opportunity here. Moving a big family with four kids and breaking ties to enter into uncharted waters has for me been challenging to say the least. I have felt called to do something new. To explore ways to use my knowledge and talents and to create something GREAT! Taking the leap is a scary thing. Trusting that you can make it work and then going for it is hard to do. My class is about learning to Conquer the fear that holds us back, and conquering it through Art. I'm not a big believer in Inspiration. But, in this case the idea just hit me. I was pondering what I was going to do with myself now that I don't have a job and had been contemplating teaching on skill share but feeling doubtful and hesitant not sure what to teach. When suddenly it just hit me. I wanted to teach both my students and myself how to conquer their fears. Moreover, I suddenly realized exactly how to do it. So, here I am.  As an art teacher, I emphasized to my students that one of the keys to successful art making is to let the process of making guide the creative choices that are made. Yet to make informed decisions based on planning. In other words to have a plan, but to stay open-minded to new directions. In this project we will work through the process with a plan and simple directions, but leave plenty of room for creative and courageous personal choices. 


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