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How To Build WordPress Child Themes

I think that I understand what was my mistake with the former Series "From Zero to Hero Webmaster with WordPress." I just described how people could build their website step by step, but each class could easily stand on their own (like if you just need to create a contact page, you need to watch this class only).

I've already started a new class series "WordPress Development: How to create a child-theme" where I explain how to extend you existing WordPress design by creating a child theme. The first class is an introduction to all the necessary tools that you need, like an FTP program and a text editor.

The class will end on some cliffhanger, very similar to your snake example. So here is my outline:

  1. Understanding basic CSS, to identify the elements that need to be changed.
  2. Fonts and colors.
  3. The CSS box model.
  4. Padding and Margins.
  5. Understanding how CSS float works.
  6. Understanding media queries.
  7. How to adjust your layout for various sizes (responsive design).

I'm not sure if I should also add some basic PHP knowledge to this series. If I see that people like the topic, I would add even more like this:

  • How to use the functions.php file.
  • Understanding the page template system.
  • Overriding specific templates in the child theme.
  • How to create a specific sidebar template for a category page.


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