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Melanie Biehle

Artist | Writer | Photographer based in Seattle



How To Be

Phase One: Description and Collecting Inspiration

My project is called "How To Be" and I've collected a set of images that I'm using as inspiration. 

The concept is being created for an ongoing writing/art series titled...wait for it...How To Be. Each piece will focus on a different topic so I want the "How To Be" text to be very strong, modern, simple, not frilly and I want to use a mix of collage elements and white space as the background.

The "How To Be" page may change over time, or the name of the subject (e.g., How to Be Awesome) might get tacked on to the same base page each time in a more ornate, "swirly," or colorful typeface.

Phase Two: Preliminary Sketches

In these first two sketches, I was really just trying to see how it felt to draw the different letters and get a rough idea of how they could look.

This last sketch was where I really tried to narrow down the style. I wanted to make sure that the lettering had a clean, simple, modern feel since I'm incorporating the phrase into a collage.

Phase Three: Combining Lettering with Collage

Here's a photo of what I've done so far. I'm pretty happy with the way it's turned out. I want to make some digital tweaks, but I like the physical piece.


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