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How To Be More Effective In Delivering Your Message

Presentation Delivery Skills

This course is designed to teach presentation delivery skills.

The course is intended for anyone wishing to increase their ability to effectively deliver messages to groups of people.

Organizations have limited resources. If you are proposing a project, idea, product, or solution to management you can bet there are others with similar notions vying for the same resources. You can give yourself a significant competitive advantage by having superior presentation skills.

The results of better communication skills are:

  1. More confidence
  2. More respect
  3. More influence
  4. More results
  5. More satisfaction

The course is presented through lecture, activities, and role modeling.

Students will participate and practice by delivering short speeches at several junctures in the course that they will capture on video (e.g., camcorder, iPhone, camera, etc). They will play back the videos and use the rubrics and checklists in this course to assess and critique their performances.

The course is structured to be taken sequentially but is designed so that the student can jump to any section where they feel they need improvement and work there.


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