How To Be A Great Game Master and Bacon

How To Be A Great Game Master and Bacon - student project

Thank you for taking the time and reading about our Patreon page for How To Be A Great Game Master and Bacon Battalion RPG. Welcome to the table.

Who are you and why are you welcoming me to the table? Are you strange?

I’m Guy Sclanders and have been Role playing since 1989. That’s before Pokemon Go, YouTube and even the Internet! I started the Great Game Master channel about two years ago but got out two videos… then two more… then nothing. Why? Because I felt it wasn’t what I wanted it to be – a resource for players and Game Masters to be able to use to improve their games. So together with my two friends Derrick aka Web Goblin and Carla aka Marketing Goblin we decided to get together and revive the channel and create a space for the role players to learn and grow from my experiences and one another! Because we all love table top role playing. That was in February of this year, and I am proud to say we have grown the channels (yes we have two) from a handful of videos to over 50 videos so far and counting, and have released 2 a week! We even added a third video of us role playing with our friends making it 3 a week. Mondays and Wednesdays :)

We create How To Be A Great Game Master videos and review Role playing systems basically a lot of Tabletop RPG related content for Game Masters.

And our channel for the Great Role players is called Bacon Battalion RPG. This is where we actually get to play RPG sessions. The awesome people who play with us... well, role play at the table with us are Sias Mey, Cynthia Brown and Sean Izaakse. We role play in self-designed settings made by me using various RPG systems. It's them against the dice and only they can save the world….Pity Really! Think fun, laughter, romance (Yes there was romance with a Drow) and pulling on the heart strings. This channel also includes ‘How To Be A Great Role Player’ How to videos and more content around Tabletop RPG's for players.

And yes we are Strange, some more than others :P

So why did you go onto Patreon if you will still make the content anyway?

Well because as much as we love doing this and creating all these videos, it does take a lot of time and effort. Most people don't realize that we spend at least three nights a week working on the channel and one day on the weekend, which yes, we do enjoy and love, and are passionate about and will continue to do so into the far future but it is time consuming, and we’ve kinda spent all our cash on making it as good as it can be. We want to help people become better Game Masters and Role Players so that more people get involved and have better experiences and we want to eventually take over the world... Mwha ha ha ... cough cough. But seriously we love our channels and love RPG's and being on Patreon would give us the space to create more content, replace our current equipment, make better content and possibly give our GM Guy a little bit of a life as he does almost all the work. *The marketing goblin and web goblin look up and feel as though they have been left out, then they return to working in their dungeon* Also if we could buy some table snacks for our role players who spend a lot of time to do our system reviews and the Bacon RPG actual plays, we are sure they would appreciate it.

Where we are in our career building process now?

We have been running for about 8 months and have had Patreon for about one and a half now. We are looking at growing our revenue streams and trying to make it possible for Guy to go full time as he is looking to immigrate to the UK and we want him not to stress when he gets there. Think we are in the beginning of building something awesome and would love your feedback. So please check out our page and let us know what you think.

Next steps for our plan for monetization:

1. Focus on making more Game Master focused rewards/tiers on Patreon as it seems we are focused on Bacon but it also needs to not be badly time consuming.

2. Share our channel and information in more discussion groups on Reddit and G+

3. Create and boost Patreon focused facebook posts.

4. Focus on growing our Patreon, but we are unsure how to do this other than growing our actuial channel and sharing our Patreon link on old videos?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated :) Thank you.

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