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How Patagonia Uses the 14 P's

Patagonia uses positioning by placing itself in a market (that being the outdoor sportswear) that had availability, and a market in which they could legitimately compete. Because their positioning was right, their business achieved success. Patagonia uses pricing efficiently by making sure the prices work. They want to price their product based on its perceived value rather than its cost. Patagonia uses placement in multiple different ways, but one way they used it was by placeing themelves with other top of the line outdoor sportswear companies. Some of these companies include North Face, LL Bean, etc. Patagonia uses promotion  many different ways like giving substantial discounts of sportswear when it becomes relevant. Such as a warm jacket when the winter is approaching. Patagonia also uses purple by making their products efficient and durable. Because they make outdoor sportswear, they are talked about because customers rely and have liked patagonia products. Patagonia also uses publicity through many different forms of advertising such as email, social media, etc. Pantagonia also uses public relations by getting their story out there. They make it known that there clothing is top of the line. Patagonia also uses placebo effectively. Many people who buy patagonia will assume it is a superior product just because it costs more when in fact it may not be. Patagonia uses placebo very effectively. Patagonia also uses pavlov efficiently because people expect their product to work effeciently because they have been told and trained that it works efficiently. Patagonia also uses persistence because it tries to stay relevant so people don't forget about their product. They do this by mainly being frequent and consistent in advertising and appearences. Patagonia uses place because it is a company based out of South America where extreme sports require their extreme sportswear. Patagonia uses personalization by making their product unique whether its how the clothes are made and used to what materials the clothes are made out of. Lastly, Patagonia uses people like us by showing that this is just a product that solves a problem that some people experience. They are just like us and experience the same problems, and believe their roduct helps solve those problems. 


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