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How One Man Eats

How One Man Eats aims to open minds to what the eyes don't see, embracing perspectives and speaking to the realities of the world through our designs.

____ A B O U T _ U S

How One Man Eats is a thoughtful and ambitious clothing company based in San Bernardino, CA. Why "How One Man Eats?" We believe that all people face unique challenges intheir lives and must do what they can to keep eating - to survive and to thrive. 

How One Man Eats celebrates the differences in how people live and how their stories are created. Each of us have faced and continue to face our own personal hardships. Our experiences have given us a reality check, a harsh glimpse into the real world. We often say, "You don't know what it's like until it hits you in the face." We believe that our clothing can tell the world what the world needs to know. We believe that we were born into this world to make a difference.

How often do you see a homeless man with nothing but the clothes on his back? How often do you stop to think about how some survive with so little? How often have you put yourself in the shoes of a person with a disability or special needs? How often do you actually stop to think about what's going on in the world, and not just yourself? In today's fast paced and social media driven society we are more concerned about how many "likes" and comments we get than anything else. Our society is focused on the me, and we want to change that. How One Man Eats will show the world that it's about the we - what we need to focus on, what we need to do together to make a difference in this world.

____ A D A P T A B I L I T Y 

Adaptability test

____ L O G O

Throughout the process of designing our logo, one piece was constant: the roof. We decided that the roof most simply and acurately represented our brand and our mission. Plus, its versatility allows us to incorporate it into designs. The roof provides shelter, safety and acceptance, while the absence of walls allows us to see everything going on around us. 

____ S T Y L E  G U I D E

____ S C A L I N G

______ T A R G E T  C U S T O M E R

Our target customer is a 19 year old male living in Southern California specifially in the Inland Empire. He is a High School grad, single, and earns $15,000-$20,000 a year working at a retail department store. He enjoys purchasing clothing regulary. He is outgoing, spontaneous, and free thinker.

Our product will fit our target lifestyle because of its comfort and simplistic design that can be worn casaully or out to a special event. He typically look online and through various televion shows to look for fashion and what is in.

_____ F O U N D A T I O N

We would like to introduce our first line of t-shirts. Only printing in white or black tees illustrates the reality of the world. "It's either black or white and there is no grey area." The line we came up with is designed to illustrate the beginning. From starting with a blank canvas, to the rings of a tree, to the "One" at his/her lowest point, and to the beginning of time this is our Foundation.

Our tees will start off from $18 to $25.

______ E X T R A  C R E D I T


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