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Rob RodenParker

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How I will trend my class

Thanks for another great class and great info Neil!

For this project I have some great ideas from your class videos. In no particular order, here is how I hope to trend my class:

  • Use your other class to help promote mine! Maybe I'll get some signups to help get to the 25 needed.
  • Promote offsite - I have forums and other places that I know I can probably promote my class to help get more people at least looking at the class.
  • Make the class Premium, but give away a bunch of free passes
  • Make the project EASY and SIMPLE to do so that there is a very low barrier to creating the project
  • Give a sample project of something easy/simple (referring to the last bullet point) so they may get a revelation ("Oh! That's easier than I thought!") to encourage them to create a project.
  • In my final video (once they have finished the class) I will remind and encourage them to leave feedback and a course review.

I think focusing on the 10 point options (project, good review) will help the most at first, along with getting the 25 students. 

Would love to hear other ideas or feedback on mine!


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