How I use the Pomodoro Technique

How I use the Pomodoro Technique - student project

I really love the Pomodoro Technique! Here's how I use it:

- for longer writing projects, I will do a "double" Pomodoro i.e 50 minutes with a 10-minute break.

- if I'm feeling a lot of resistance to a work project, I find the Pomodoro Technique is a great way to make me get the work done.

- I will often start my day with one Pomodoro of journaling. This way I can keep it to 25-minutes and it won't cut into work time too much.

- I've done the planning for many online courses using this method.

- I've hooked a few of my friends on this method and we'll meet in coffeeshops and set our Pomodoro timer. This way we won't be tempted to chat too much (although we'll add in chat time at the beginning or end, but we feel like we have been productive too.)

I'll either use the timer that already comes on my iPhone OR (I've included a photo.) I'm going to check out the Pomodoro app that you recommended, thanks!

My husband wanted to buy an actual tomato timer - but when he got online he discovered the Death Star timer lol (Star Wars reference.) It's not that well made, though, and will go off at random times. Very entertaining! Photo below.

AND I really wish Pomodoro didn't autocorrect to Comodoro every time I type lol :-) Thanks for a great class!

How I use the Pomodoro Technique - image 1 - student project

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